Adam Braun

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We are honored to have Adam Braun, founder of the award-winning non-profit organization Pencils of Promise, as our opening speaker for this Life on Fire Virtual Summit!

Adam started off on what he thought was the path to happiness through pursuing wealth.

By 19 he was interning on Wall Street and looking to make it big.


- Giving Back, Life on Fire TV

We couldn’t be more excited to share this special episode with you where we give you a sneak peek into how we’re giving back, through the organization Pencils of Promise, and building a school in Guatemala.

95.  Discovering Pencils of Promise with Lewis Howes (blog image)

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It’s wonderful how recording a podcast allows you to document small moments in time. Some of which can become big moments in time…

A while back we recorded an episode with entrepreneur and host of the School of Greatness podcast, Lewis Howes.

Not only is his episode so good and inspiring that it’s worth sharing again, but you also literally get to see the moment when we first heard about the organization Pencils of Promise.

The Power of Giving Back

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In the context of business, people often refer to their “why” for the reason that they do what they do.

You may have more than one “why”, but it’s typically 1 to 3 highly motivational and important things that become the purpose behind your passion.

Giving back to others who are less fortune is one of mine…

Here’s how it all started…

network your way to the top

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Say it however you like, “the size of your income is directly related to size of your rolodex”, “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”…

Having a strong network is incredibly beneficial.

But, how do you build one?

business on fire bundle

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We’ve just done something that we have never seen done before in the history of internet marketing!

Which is to approach some of the top names in the internet marketing and personal development industry and ask them to literally gift us one of their top training courses to be a part of our “Business on Fire Bundle” of training programs so that you can have access to them!

How and why did they do that?

The answer is simple actually…

how to fill a room

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Some call it “putting butts in seats”, today we’re calling it “How to Fill a Room at a Live Event”.

When planning a live event, by far the biggest concern is always making sure the room is full.

Here is a strategy to follow.

Inside a Life on Fire Mastermind

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There is so much exciting stuff happening here at Life on Fire!

We’ve got our FREE virtual summit that’s about to kick off, featuring over 25 world-class entrepreneur speakers like Tony Hsieh, Founder of, Kevin Harrington from TV’s Shark Tank, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Lee Dumas, Brian Tracy, Michael O’Neal, and many, many more!

You can get access to our virtual summit at!

And, for those of you who want the live, face-to-face real deal, Ignite, our 3-day event, happening in December in San Diego, is over 75% sold out. But, you can still grab a ticket at!

And, as if that’s not enough, we wanted to take you inside our last private client mastermind event.

what is your what

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When we first get the entrepreneurial bug it’s often a struggle to figure out exactly what it is we want to do.

Here to answer that question is New York Times Bestselling Author of the book, “What is Your What? – Discover the One Amazing Thing Your Were Born to Do”, Steve Olsher!

Pay it Forward

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Familiar with the concept of “paying it forward”?

If you’ve been tuning in to Life on Fire for any decent amount of time you know we’re all about paying it forward!